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Audi, New Tool in the Vamp Slayer’s Arsenal?

Did you catch the 2012 Super Bowl on Sunday?  I did, but here in Okinawa we don’t get the commercials, which can sometimes be the best part of the game.  Thankfully, the internet has made it easy to catch-up on all the commercials I missed.  And, I couldn’t resist sharing Audi’s Vampire Party commercial.  In case you missed it, here it is:

So, what’d ya think?  I thought it was hilarious, in a “Dumbass!” kinda way.  That’s what makes it funny, in my opinion.  I love the two dudes at the end – the one who smiles and starts to say “Hey!” and the one who pops up behind the rock before poofin’ into non-existence.  Then, the driver … “Dumbass!” Too funny!

One blogger claims it was one of the year’s worst commercials stating “First off, it’s stupid that vampires are bursting into dust at the visage of an Audi. Secondly, a vampires-centric commercial? What is this, 2008? This would’ve been cutting edge the last time these two teams matched up, perhaps.”  I tend to disagree, especially since the vampires aren’t sparkling, but rather sport True Blood-like fangs, but ok.  You’re entitled to your opinion.  And, another stated, “As for the subject matter of the commercial, I think they tackled a pretty touchy subject with a lot of respect; the biggest murder-suicide in the history of vampires. But if what I’ve heard happens in True Blood is true for vampires, these vampires probably deserved it. And you have to make sure you hit the demographic that buys cars based on the brightness of their headlights. Good effort, overall.”  This makes me laugh, “…they tackled a pretty touchy subject with a lot of respect…”  Seriously?  That’s a bit deep don’t you think?  I, for one, can’t picture the Audi advertising group thinking, “Ok, this is a touchy subject, so we must be respectful about how we approach it.”  Can you?

This year’s commercials seemed to be auto manufacturer heavy, which is understandable I guess considering the financial state of things in the US, but there was one more commercial that made me laugh out loud.  It’s not at all para-related, but I thought I’d share it as well.  And, really, who can resist a nekked M&M shakin’ his booty to LMFAO?  Not me!

If you’d like a play-by-play of the commercials, check out the Washington Post‘s break-down here.   And, while I didn’t really care who won the Super Bowl, congrats to the New York Giants for pulling off another win.  Hopefully my Steelers will make it to the Bowl again in 2013.  🙂


Freaky Friday ~ True Blood(y) Fondue?

Anyone up for some bloody fondue?

Check out the True Blood(y) fountain!

The beautiful Janina Gavankar, who plays Luna on HBO’s True Blood series, posted some wicked TB fountain pics on her website.  She references two sites, which I checked, but one is in Italian.  I ran the text through Google’s translator and it came up with this:

It was October of 2007, the Trevi Fountain was red around the web, some “time” talking about the fountains wrote bloody guerrilla marketing to promote the television series Dexter.

At a distance of 4 years back to talk of fountains that gush blood and specifically in the land of Dracula and Transylvania to promote True Blood ‘series focuses on the adventures of vampires in the fictional town of Bon Temps.

Gotta love it!  That’s some serious series love right there!


Ref: & Bloguerrilla

Freaky Friday ~ I Thought Vamps Didn’t Like Water …

… but they apparently like cruises!

Harriet Backas with MSNBC reported on the Vamps at Sea cruise which offers passengers a vampire-themed costume ball and film festival, “scareoke” nights and presentations by celebrity guests such as Nelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette Reynolds on the HBO vampire series “True Blood,” and Dacre Stoker, the great grand-nephew of author Bram Stoker, who wrote the now-classic “Dracula” in 1897.

Passengers are encouraged to dress as their favorite vamps or vamp authors, but everyone should know, “Whether you are Team Glitter [Edward of Twilight] or Team Goth [Anne Rice’s Lestat and True Blood’s Eric] – We are all Team Vampire.”

[Learn more at Vamps at Sea]

Freaky Friday ~ Shelter from the Storm

“Not a word was spoke between us, there was little risk involved
Everything up to that point had been left unresolved.
Try imagining a place where it’s always safe and warm.
“Come in,” she said, “I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”

~ Bob Dylan’s Shelter from the Storm

My husband showed me this site he’d heard about while watching Stephen Colbert. It’s called Vivos. They are offering “The Underground Shelter Network for Long-Term Survival of Future Catastrophes.” Talk about praying on the fears of the people. Wow! We’ve all heard the stories about the coming of the apocalypse on 12/20/12. But, seriously?! I do have to admit, the “pods” do look pretty cool. I guess if I was looking for shelter from the storm, was insanely rich and eccentric, maybe.

Robert Vicino, the head of the Vivos Management Team, asks the people, “Are you a survivor? Watch this video to find out. As seen in most disasters, even in America, the government may not be there for you, and cannot accommodate, or provide for everyone. This is especially true with any widespread event, as witnessed with Katrina, or what may be even more catastrophic in the coming years. Vivos is your opportunity to have a shelter solution that is assured to be there waiting for you, even on short notice.”

The clock is ticking …. 464 Days, 13 Hours, 14 Minutes, 14 Seconds Remaining …. “The Choices is Yours”

How about you? Interested?

Where, Oh Where Have My TB Recaps Gone?

TB Recap & Review Header by StephB

In case you’re wondering what happened to my weekly True Blood recaps … the answer = RL got in the way! I’m behind on watching, so I haven’t had anything to recap. BUT, I know the Season 4 Finale, “And When I Die”, premieres this Sunday, 11 September on HBO. I’ll try to catch up quick, so we can chat next week about the finale and the season as a whole.

What do you think of this season? Lovin’ it? Left it? Share your thoughts with us!

So, who will die? Who will survive? And, for the love of Pete, who will Sookie pick? Has she kicked Bill to the curb yet? And, if not, WHY?!

Here are two clips to get ya pumped up for Sunday’s finale.

Freaky Friday ~ Imprint Insanity

Freaky Friday is a new feature in which we’ll be sharing our strangest finds concerning books, movies and the paranormal.

I’ll Wait for You …

Artist’s rendering of Jacob’s imprinting in Breaking Dawn, the final chapter in Meyer’s Twilight Saga.

DeviantArt by Minelaaa

Happy Friday!

Freaky Friday ~ Beware of … Vampire Dogs?

Freaky Friday is a new feature in which we’ll be sharing our strangest finds concerning books, movies and the paranormal.

Original? Yes. Odd? Absolutely!

Vampire Dogs: Episode One by Robert Hawke

Thrasher is a 4 pound Yorkshire Terrier who is leader of the Canine Protection Group. Together with his sidekick Kong, he battles squirrels, vampires and other dangers that lurk beyond the darkness. To save his owners, he and his pack are willing to sacrifice themselves and even form an alliance with Thrasher’s most dreaded enemy; Balthazar, The Lord of the Racoons. If his “Masters” only knew…

Available now @ Smashwords

The funniest part to me, a 4-pound Yorkie?? I can just see it now. *Walkin’ along mindin’ my own business …* “Ah, aren’t you a cuti…. AHHHH! WTH?! You bit me!” LOL!! 🙂

Happy Friday!

Freaky Friday ~ What NOT to Do

Freaky Friday is a new feature in which we’ll be sharing our strangest finds concerning books, movies and the paranormal.

One Question … WHY?

I have an iPad and I can tell ya right now, I would never put it in a jumbo pocket.
Baby costs too much to risk the damage!

And this one?? Sorry! This dude looks like he just finished his Cirque Du Soleil skit. Come on now! Is that really necessary?? Nope. But, it’s damn creative, gotta give ‘um that at least.

Happy Friday!

Freaky Friday ~ Ninjas vs. Vampires

Freaky Friday is a new feature in which we’ll be sharing our strangest finds concerning books, movies and the paranormal.

From the Press Release
Endlight Entertainment and Breaking Glass Films are proud to inform you of the national release of “Ninjas vs Vampires” the movie on DVD! To celebrate, we wanted to share the first volley of promotional posters featuring key characters from the movie!

Ninjas vs Vampires thus far is the best reviewed independent Horror/Comedy of 2011!

The movie is available to purchase for only $14.99 online at Ninjas vs. Vampires website.

The special edition DVD is LOADED with over 5 HOURS of bonus content including:
# Bloopers
# Deleted and Extended Scenes
# Alternate Ending
# 3 Commentaries
# 2 Music Videos
# 3 Featurettes
# Trailers and MORE!

Check out DreadCentral where they spotlight all the female eye candy in the movie.

What will they think of next?? This campy vamp flick pits ninjas against vampires, are ya interested? You can buy it in the US now on DVD and catch it in the UK on 22 Aug, according to IMDB.

Freaky Friday ~ Recipe for Blockbuster Movies

Freaky Friday is a new feature in which we’ll be sharing our strangest finds concerning books, movies and the paranormal.

This picture shows that there just may be a recipe for creating blockbuster movies

Artwork pulled from

Funny, but they might be onto something there!

Happy Friday!