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True Blood Love Trapezoid?

I’ve never been a big fan of love triangles.  I always end up rooting for the guy that deserves the girl, but never seems to get her.  Sometimes though I pick the “right” guy.  By the way, why is it always a triangle with the chick in the middle?  No girl fights over the perfect man?  Wonder why?

Lucky Ducky!

Ok, back on track … True Blood appears to be building towards a love … trapezoid?  rectangle?  square?  What would you call it?  I’m going to go with trapezoid because I don’t believe all of these boys have, or deserve, a shot with Sookie.

In the July 18-31 issue of TV Guide, Kate Hahn chats with Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), Alexander Skarsgård (Eric) and Joe Manganiello (Alcide) about their characters, the life on and off the set and much more.  If you missed the issue, you can read the scans of it here.

“True Blood ~ Sexy Beasts ~ Who will capture Sookie’s Heart?”

Lucky Girl!  What girl wouldn’t want two three gorgeous men battling for her affections?

BILL ~ He’s had his chance and failed, but continues to let Sookie know he still has feelings for her

ERIC ~ His chances improve the longer he goes without his memories; Sookie is able to see the softer, vulnerable side of him

ALCIDE ~ Certainly never fails to come when called (Good doggy!); Currently shacked up with Ditsy Debbie

Artwork created by Nicole Alesi


Who Do YOU Want to See Sookie End Up With?