Steph’s 2011 Challenges

[GOAL: Read a series book beginning with letters A-Z]

[GOAL: Read a book with a shifter character for letters A-Z]

[GOAL: Read 10 New2Me series books] {Completed @ Feb 2011}

[GOAL: Read 10 books by New2Me authors] {Completed @ Feb 2011}

[GOAL: Catch-up; Read the two books TBR(eleased) in 2011 for these on-going series]

[GOAL: Read two series from start to most recent release]

    • “Create-Your-Own”: One Til Done / Goodreads: Romance Readers Reading Challenges Group

[GOAL: Catch-up; Read the 2011 release of these on-going series]

[GOAL: Read 25 books off of your TBR (To-Be-Read) list/stack]

[GOAL: Read 2 books for each resolution using the descriptions listed for a total of 24 books]

[GOAL: Read 10-66 books. For each year 2001-2011, read the number of books published in each year that corresponds to the last digit(s) of each year. Read 11 books from 2011, 10 books from 2010, 9 books from 2009, and so on] {Completed @ Jun 2011}

[GOAL: Complete 36 reading challenges in 2011]

**I participate in way too many monthly, quarterly and semi-annual challenges to list and track here. If you’re interested in seeing the entire list though, you are welcome to view the list here. It too is a part of a challenge. 🙂 The “Challenge Addicts R Us” challenge. We addicts put everything to the challenge.


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