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Manic Monday | Drive-By Reviews ~ If You Can’t Stand the Heat …


Manic Monday | Drive-By Reviews is a weekly feature where we’ll share some mini-reviews Alice-style.

Hidden Embers (Dragon’s Heat #2) by Tessa Adams

Deep in the New Mexico desert there is a secret race on the brink of extinction—the pure-blood shapeshifters of the Dragonstar clan. And they have one last, desperate hope for survival…

Quinn Maguire is a powerful Dragonstar healer at a tragic loss, unable to cure the insidious disease killing off his people. Yet even in such dire circumstances the conservative Quinn is secretly disapproving of the alternative: Dr. Jasmine Kane, enlisted by the head of the Dragonstar clan to help abort the virus. She is a wild card. She is an outsider. She is human.

Decked out in black leather and a tough attitude, Jasmine clashes with Quinn in more ways than one. And when destiny chooses her for his Mate, he doesn’t know whether to rejoice or rebel. Because while Jasmine makes him burn hotter than any woman—dragon or human—ever has, their differences make a relationship impossible.

But when a rival infiltrates the clan and attacks Jasmine, Quinn becomes desperate. Jasmine is now the first human to be infected with the disease—and Quinn must do everything he can to find a cure, and save the woman he has grown to love.

“Curiouser and curiouser!” ~ Alice

Opening Line: He was tired. {Quinn}
Closing Line: It was more than enough. {Quinn}

“Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you’re at.” ~ Mad Hatter

Quinn Maguire, a 471-year old dragon, is the Dragonstar clan’s healer. He has been struggling to find a cure for the mysterious illness that has been killing his family and friends. Dylan, the clan leader, makes another bold move by allowing his mate, Phoebe to bring in her friend and hematologist to help. Jasmine (Jazz), on her way to the clan’s residence in New Mexico, has a tire blow-out and meets a sexy stranger in a bar. Jazz has no idea that the handsome stranger is Quinn. Thinking of their magical night as a one-night stand, she’s surprised to find, once she arrives at the clan residence, he’s the doctor she’s supposed to be helping. Their relationship is bumpy for much of the book. Jazz has had a rough past and refuses to let a man control her. Quinn does his best to deal with her ups and downs and his attraction to her, all while working day and night to save his people.


“What is the use of a book, without pictures or conversations” ~ Alice

Tessa Adams is not a new2me author.

“That’s just it. If you don’t think, then you shouldn’t talk.” ~ The Hare

This series is super hot. It’s classified as erotic romance and rightly so. The thermostat is set to high from the start and only continues to get hotter as the story progresses. So, if you can’t stand the heat, this is not the series for you. If you like your dragons extra spicy with a side of saucy, this is absolutely the series for you. The Dragonstar clan’s plight is heartbreaking. Their fight to save their people balances out the highly charged sex nicely. This series quickly became one of my favorite PNR reads. I look forward to reading Forbidden Embers, which tells Logan’s story, when it is released in Oct 2011.

“Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves” ~ The Dutchess

Reaching a hand out, she tangled her fingers in Quinn’s shaggy black hair, savoring its silky softness as the strands wound themselves around her fingers. His eyes darkened to the lush, verdant green of the rain forest at twilight, and his mouth – that sensuous mouth with its full, kissable lower lip – parted on a harsh, indrawn breath.

“We are all mad here.” ~ The Cheshire Cat

This book receives the Cheshire Cat award for the intense roller coaster of emotions it evoked in me.

Until Next Week ~ Happy Reading!