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UF Cover Reveals

I’m not sure how long these cover shots have been available.

But, I just spotted them and I’m thrilled because they are all next up in some of my favorite UF series!

Fair Game (Alpha & Omega #3) by Patricia Briggs
Expected Release Date: 2 Feb 2012

When the FBI request a pack consultant on a serial killer case they’re following in Boston, Anna and Charles are sent in. They quickly realize that not only the last two victims were werewolves – all of them were.

Someone is targeting their kind. And if Charles and Anna can’t get to the bottom of this mystery, they may be next…

The Isis Collar (Blood Singer #4) by Cat Adams
Expected Release Date: March 2012

No summary available at Goodreads or Author’s Website, but I did find this chapter 1 sneak peek.

Interesting cover. Much different from the previous three which were a lot darker.

Blood Song (Blood Singer, #1) Siren Song (Blood Singer, #2) Demon Song (Blood Singer, #3)

Shadow Heir (Dark Swan #4) by Richelle Mead
Expected Release Date: 2 Feb 2012

#1 New York Times bestselling author Richelle Mead returns to the Otherworld, a mystic land inextricably linked to our own–and balanced precariously on one woman’s desperate courage…

Shaman-for-hire Eugenie Markham strives to keep the mortal realm safe from trespassing entities. But as the Thorn Land’s prophecy-haunted queen, there’s no refuge for her and her soon-to-be-born-children when a mysterious blight begins to devastate the Otherworld…

The spell-driven source of the blight isn’t the only challenge to Eugenie’s instincts. Fairy king Dorian is sacrificing everything to help, but Eugenie can’t trust the synergy drawing them back together. The uneasy truce between her and her shape shifter ex-lover Kiyo is endangered by secrets he can’t–or won’t–reveal. And as a formidable force rises to also threaten the human world, Eugenie must use her own cursed fate as a weapon–and risk the ultimate sacrifice…

If you haven’t started these series yet, you should! They are must-reads!


Covers Around the World ~ Patricia Briggs’ ‘Mercy Thompson’ Series

My Cover Love Continues …

Last month, I highlighted Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels international covers. This month, I’m sharing another favorite series of mine, Mercy Thompson. We have to wait until *gasp* Spring 2013 for the next book. This time, I decided to share covers with art that differs from the original US cover.

Book #1: “Moon Called”

In order shown: Spain, Hungary, Germany, UK, Japan, Italy, Indonesia & US-redeux

Book #2: “Blood Bound”

In order shown: Spain, Germany, Poland, UK, US-redeux & China

Book #3: “Iron Kissed”

In order shown: Germany, UK & US-redeux

Book #4: “Bone Crossed”

In order shown: Germany, UK & US-redeux

Book #5: “Silver Borne”

In order shown: Germany & UK

Book #6: “River Marked”

In order shown: Germany & US-redeux

Are you waiting for book #6 too? Haven’t started the series yet? Why not? Waitin’ for an official invitation?
Well, consider yourself invited to the Tri-Cities!

To find out more about this series, check out: Patricia Briggs’ Website | Goodreads’ Series Info (including a list of all Mercy short stories within anthologies)