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New Series News ~ Pamela Palmer’s ‘Vampire City’

Pamela Palmer announced Sunday, 12 Jun at Supernatural Underground that she will be writing a new UFR(omance) series about vampires!

“I’ve signed a new four-book contract with Harper Collins/Avon. The contract includes the next two Feral Warriors books and the first two in a brand new Urban Fantasy Romance series tentatively titled Vampire City. And, yes, this one’s about vampires.”

She said there’ll be romance, but don’t go expecting the hero/ine to have a HEA in the first book. This is an urban fantasy romance, not a PNR. She’s going to have the couple take their time reaching their HEA. I’m definitely fine with that! You gotta love the slow build up between characters ~ a nice bit of sexual tension may not make for happy H/h, but it definitely makes for a happy UF reader. 🙂

She had me cracking up reading her post. She said that her hero is being difficult.

The vampire hero refuses to tell me his name. I’m three-quarters of the way through the book and I still don’t know what it is. I keep giving him names–fifteen so far. And he keeps shaking his head with a small, dangerous smile, and I know I haven’t hit upon the right one, yet. I’m beginning to think I’m going to call him He-Who-Has-No-Name. Or Fred.

His silence has caused her to ask fans for suggestions. In addition, to honor his stubbornness, she’s ‘giving away 5 signed copies of RAPTURE UNTAMED (the story of a pain-in-the-ass Feral Warrior) to the five people who give me names I put before the Fanged One. The names can be normal, unusual, weird, anything at all.’

Looking forward to the first book in her new vampire series, Vampire City!