About Us

What’s an OCDemoness? 

Well, that’s the nickname I’ve given my OCDemon that makes sure everything is in it’s place and there’s a place for everything.  She can be quite hampering at times … like building a blog, for instance.  But, for the most part, we have a good working relationship.  🙂

I admit that I also have a splash of “oh, look, pretty!” ADD to spice things up, so when I say “Random Musings”, I’m not kiddin’.  Ya never know what you’re bound to find ’round here.

Meet the Musers

Ames is a beautiful, brassy Brit who lives in the UK and Steph is an easy-going, American Marine Corps spouse living overseas in Japan.  Though 6,000+ miles separate us, we connected on Goodreads in 2010 and bonded over our love of reading, addiction to books, challenges and just about everything paranormal.  Our favorite reading genres range from young adult fantasy to dark urban fantasy and just about everything in between.  While our taste in books tends to be similar, Ames can be found reading the occasional high fantasy and historical romance, whereas I tend to read mainly paranormal romance and urban fantasy series.

We also share a love for Sci-Fi TV shows ~ Firefly, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones to name a few ~ and movies.

What to Expect

Whenever I’m involved, there’s bound to be a bit of organized chaos, but Ames will surely keep us on track.  We hope to discuss and share with you our love of all things paranormal ~ books, movies, TV, random news, as well as our book reviews.  We will be spotlighting these in our features: Wishing Well Wednesday when we’ll share the books that we are anxious to add to our library and Freaky Friday when we’ll post oddball, off-the-wall para-topics we stumble upon.

FTC Disclaimer

As per the FTC’s Oct 2009 Guidelines for Bloggers, we do not receive compensation for our reviews.  All books reviewed here have been purchased or borrowed (from a library) by the reviewer.  We will occasionally receive a free copy of a book for reviewing purposes, those cases will be clearly noted as ARC (advanced read copy).


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