Recap: True Blood ~ S4, Ep6 “I Wish I Was The Moon”

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“I Wish I Was The Moon” ~ Song by Neko Case

Eric Gets Some Sookie Nookie!

Of course that is what sticks out in this episode for me. After Pam slipped the news that Eric is hiding out at Sookie’s place, Bill zips over only to catch them semi-nekked on the sofa. Eric immediately pops fang and attacks this Wimpy King. Sookie stops him from harming Bill telling him he’s his King. To which Eric drops to one knee and says, “My liege, forgive me.” Oi! Bill arrests Eric for being a threat, saying he’s being controlled by necromancers. He even goes so far as to ask for the Council’s approval for final death. Eric awaits his sentencing in a cell with Pam. When he walks in he says, “It smells like death in here.” Poor Pam!

Sookie begs Bill to let Eric go. She believes he’s doing this solely because he’s jealous of the two of them together. Bill delivers one of the season’s best lines when he tells her, “Believe it or not, my entire existence does not revolve around what or who is between your legs.” OUCH! He also tells his henchmen to arrest her if she ever steps foot on his property again.

Meanwhile in the cell, Pam reminds Eric, “Let me tell you a little something about King Bill: He is a self-loathing, power-hungry, pompous little dork, and you hate his guts.” When Eric won’t hear it, Pam gives it to him straight, like no one else can by saying, “Eric, snap the fuck out of it! You are a Viking vampire and a god and you bow to no one. If someone crosses you, you rip out their liver with one fang.”

Silver, Kingly stake in hand, about to deliver Eric’s sentence and Eric says, “Please tell Sookie I went to my true death knowing how to love, tell her thank you. I hope you two find your way back to each other.” Bill is taken aback by Eric’s statements and asks why he would say such a thing. Eric says, ” … she deserves happiness with whomever can give it to her.” Awwww. Now, kick his ass and get outta there! Thankfully, for reasons yet unknown, Bill lets him go and Eric finds Sookie wandering the woods in search of a traumatized Jason. Que the Marvin Gaye tunes …

“It’s like a werewolf, except a big-ass cat.”

No one can say Sookie doesn’t know her stuff. Very informative indeed. Jason’s freakin’ out because it’s the night of the full moon and he’s convinced he’s going to turn into a werepanther. When he tells Sookie, she promises to help him out, “And I’ll be here to help you any way I can. Other than shoot you in the head.” When he takes off into the woods, Sookie follows after him. She bumps into Alcide and Debbie, who have decided to run with the Shreveport pack, and asks them about werepanthers. Apparently, in TB TV, you cannot be turned by a bite, you are born a shifter – one or both of your parents must have shifter blood. Will Jason turn or not? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The Wee Wicked Firestarter

Arlene and Terry awake to a flaming house. Terry carries Arlene out of the house. She’s kicking and screaming about Mikey and all I kept wondering is … what about your other two kids? No worries – they were already outside safe and sound. Seems Mikey has a ghostly friend who must’ve helped him outta the house because the kids tell Arlene, he was just sittin’ in the yard with the freaky doll when they got there. When Sam asks if they are all okay, Arlene says, “The ghost of my serial-killin’ ex-fiance just tried to murder us in our sleep. We’re just peachy.”

Sam’s gotta deal with the mess, so he calls Tommy to let him know what’s up and asks if he can open Merlotte’s for him. Tommy agrees and proceeds to throw a self-hate pity party. During his tantrum, he morphs into Sam. Remember earlier in the season when Luna told the story about shifters being able to shift into any animal, even humans, if they kill a parent?

Tommy is all excited about trying out his Sam Powers. He prances around Merlotte’s, fires Sookie when she comes into the office asking for the day off (to deal with Eric business), chats up Maxine and POP! His bubble bursts when Maxine rants to Sam/Tommy about Tommy saying, “That boy’s dumber than a bucket of spit, and just as useful.” While back at Sam’s trailer, Sam/Tommy gets a surprise visit from Luna who undresses while telling him what a handsome, thoughtful and caring man he is. No post-coital snugglin’ here – Sam/Tommy kicks Luna out, tossing her dress at her, like she’s a $10 whore he picked up. Ooooh, Sam’s gonna pay for that one later!

Got Tongue?

Jesus and Lafayette are down in Mexico seeking a way to gain power from Jesus’ freaky Grandfather and his pregnant wife. Sitting around the table, they are given goat tongue for dinner. Yum! The look on Lafayette’s face was hilarious! Grandpa tells Jesus he doesn’t know what he wants, but if he can bring a sacrifice, he’ll think about helping him. Out in the fields, waitin’ for a sacrifice to “come to them”, Lafayette tells Jesus his Grandpa is crazy. Jesus keeps insisting they need the help. Their sacrifice ends up being a rattlesnake. Hokus Pokus, Mumbo Jumbo, POOF! Grandpa makes the rattler bite Jesus and locks them in the room. Lafayette is crying for help when some spirit floats into him and chants a healing prayer over Jesus. Guess Jesus lives because he’s hollerin’ at Lafayette in the next episode’s preview.

Look Who’s Coming to Dinner!

Tara’s lover, Naomi, shows up at Lafayette’s looking for her. Tara tells her why she went to New Orleans and changed her name. Basically, why she lied about everything. Naomi forgives her and they have some make up sex. Afterward, Tara takes her to Merlotte’s. While strolling through the parking lot, Pam shows up all pissed off and … I’m guessing by the preview clip that she snacks on Naomi causing Tara to go all vamp-hunter with Marnie/Antonia.

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