If the House is a’Rockin’ …

Spoiler Alert


Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!!

E! Online’s  shared some True Blood news I just had to share with you!

But, Sookie, I luuuuv you...


A fan asks the team for any news on Bill with all the Eric + Sookie togetherness so far this season.  They tell us, “Bill (Stephen Moyer) has awful timing. Horrific timing actually. In an upcoming True Bloodepisode he vamp-speed runs into a mostly naked Eric-Sookie moment, and to say he doesn’t react well would be putting it mildly. But between the true death orders and heartbreaking look, it is abundantly clear that Bill still loves Sookie and would do anything to make her happy. Even if that means letting her move on with a gorgeous amnesiac Viking.”

Woohoo, baby!  Can’t wait! 🙂

{Artist Verauko} Awww, Poor Bill. NOT!


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