Recap: True Blood ~ S4, Ep4 “I’m Alive And On Fire”

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Catch Me, if You Can! Eric 2.0

Eric has always been my favorite character in the books and the show. And, in episode 4 we get to see more of Eric 2.0 or Amnesia Eric. At the end of episode 3, Eric sucked down Sookie’s Fairy Godmother, Claudine, like she was a cold beer on a hot summer day. POOF! The opener to this episode has Sookie scolding him for it, “You drank the whole fairy – Now go to your room!” When he goes for her neck, she stops him by screaming that he’d kill her. You can tell he really doesn’t want any harm to come to her or anyone else to have her for that matter.

I Feel a Love Triangle Forming and I Don’t Like It

Bill ~ Old news or just old? So far, he has his hands full with Eric’s mysterious disappearance following his “meeting” with the coven of witches and Portia. But, when he tries to force his way into Sookie’s house to look for Eric, she easily stops him by pulling the “You were the liar in our relationship, not me” card. Feeling guilty, he backs off. It’s obviously that if Sookie wanted him back, so he could have him. (Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.)

Eric ~ His vulnerable underbelly is showing Sookie can’t help but feel something for the softer Eric who makes no attempt to hide his feelings. She’s used to him being cold, arrogant and taking what he wants. When he gets drunk off Claudine’s fairy blood, he zips around Sookie pinching her butt and playing “catch me if you can”. He runs off not caring the sun is about to rise. Sookie gets worried when, mid-afternoon, Eric still hasn’t returned home. She calls Alcide over to help sniff him out. When they find him, he hollers, “Hey Sookie! Where’ve you been? Come, come play with me, it’s wonderful here. I am Ægir God Of The See, and you are Rán, my sea goddess!” He’s splashing in the lake, looking like a childlike Neptune claiming he’ll slay all the sea monsters and stay there forever. “Gators, Crocodiles, show yourself! Cowards!” The fairy blood quickly wears off and he starts to burn.

When he returns to the house, while recovering from him sunburn, he tells her in a childlike voice, “Sookie, I hurt.”. (Here, baby, let me know rub some aloe on those burns. <– that's me, not Sookie – yet.) He knows that was his last chance to play in the sun. While moping in his room, he tells Sookie, “I’ll never swim in the sun again. Never feel the heat on my skin. Never see the daylight in your hair.” She tries to cheer him up, but it doesn’t work. He tells her, “If you kiss me, I promise to be happy.” She gives a half-assed, “No.” But, she wants to and was thiiiis close, I’m sure of it.

Alcide ~ Friends Friends my tush! My hubby’s eye brows shot up during their “friendly” hug. Didn’t look like “just friends” to him. He’s playing house with Debbie who is like a hand grenade with a loose pin. One wrong move – like, oops!, her smelling Sookie on you – and she’s gonna show you just how much she hasn’t changed. I’m ready for her to get dealt some more whoop ass.

Jealous Much: Alcide eavesdrops on Sookie’s talk with Eric and then Eric listens in on her talk with Alcide. My crystal ball tells me we might be seeing a “fanger” and “dog” fight between these two protectors.

When Cats Attack

Jason managed to talk his way out of the sexigoround in Hot Shot. While trying to flee, he makes like cat and climbs a tree to hide from Felton (who’s in panther form). Of course, being the Boy Scout that Jason is, he pulls out his handy pocket knife to shave a branch into a spear. With perfect aim, he jumps from the tree and stabs Felton, killing him in one smooth move. “Uncle Daddy” Felton becomes Season 4’s first to die a final death. Sayonara! When Crystal arrives on the scene, she’s quite happy to see Felton’s naked body lying dead at the foot of the tree. So much so that she kicks him and tells Jason they will now be Ghost Momma and Daddy, they can finally be together. Crazy much?! Jason, not wanting anything to do with her, stumbles off into the woods. Crystal tells him she’ll see him on the full moon. He finally collapses in the road where Jessica and Hoyt find him. Jessica feeds him some of her blood to help heal him. So, are we gonna see some smexy dreams between Jason and Jessica? She and Hoyt are on rocky ground as it is, this just might be the end of these two.

The Writing is on the Wall

Is Little Mikey another Damien?

Mikey-Damien by StephB

Up until this episode, we’ve been lead to believe that Arlene is just a bit paranoid. That’s certainly not asking a lot, the chick can be a bit over the top. But, maybe her “my baby’s a demon spawn” fears are real? Left alone for less than a minute, Mikey gets hold of a marker and lets “Daddy” know “Baby Not Yours”. So, maybe Arlene was right this time.

Writing on the wall

I’m Melting …..

At the shop, Marnie, Jesus, Lafayette and Tara try to find a reversal spell. Lafayette screams at her, “You get her ass on the goddamn goddess line and you tell her to turn this curse a fucking round.” After searching through the shop’s tomes, one magically falls open to a spell that will work.

They all gather in the woods with Pam to try to break the spell on Eric. Pam, while still her snarky self, asks Marnie, “Are you fucking retarded?” when she can’t find her glasses, which are hanging on a chain around her neck. Apparently, the Wicca Witch can’t concentrate when everyone’s screaming ‘F*CK’. As Marnie starts the reversal spell the “Goddess” shows up and puts the whammy on Pam making her face peel off revealing the death inside her.

Oh, Pam. No, no, no! Never, ever peel your skin when it’s melting! Now, look what you’ve done!

Brief Stops in Snoredom

Nan scolds Bill for sending Eric after wiccans telling him, “Don’t fuck this up. How many retired kings do you know?” Looks like Bill’s gonna have to work for his crown. And, why do they keep mentioning his first kill as king? He didn’t kill anyone. He sent the dude off with his goon to do the killin’ (last episode).

Maxine stomps into Merlotte’s demanding Sam tell her where “her boy” has gone. No, not Hoyt, he’s “no son of mine”, she tells him when he plays dumb. Then, she goes all hypocritical and blasts him for ignoring his brother.

Bill and Portia are at Granny Bellefleur’s house reviewing the family tree (good times!) when Eric realizes Portia is his great-great-great-great granddaughter. He kicks her to the curb and drops the bomb as to why.

Sam makes a surprise visit to Luna’s house and pops in for some quality Barbie playtime with her daughter. He’s surprised to find out she has a daughter, but not enough to “run away”. So, Luna drops bomb #2, her ex and baby daddy is a werewolf. Bomb #3, he’s also a bit of a stalker. Nice! Way to go, Sam! His luck is almost as bad as Jason’s.

Tommy reconnects with his Mama who is thrilled her boy has got himself some edumacation and learnt how ‘ta read. He came back because she told him she finally left Joe Lee. Surprise! She lied. Tommy ends up with a choke collar on, held by Joe Lee who’s plannin’ to teach him some obedience. Can someone PLEASE tell me why he didn’t shift into a bird and fly away?!?

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