Recap: True Blood ~ S4, Ep3 “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?”

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Episode 3 felt like it should’ve been called “The Land of the Lost”

What was lost? For one, my hope that the TV show would follow the books. I need to let go of the connection and remind myself that the show is only loosely based on Harris’ Southern Vampire series. Shouldn’t have to keep reminding myself – the changes are obvious and numerous, but I keep a hopin’. Then, I have my husband asking each week, “Did that happen in the book?” Nope, nuh-uh, suuure didn’t. I finally asked him after this episode, “As someone who hasn’t read all the books, what do you think of this season so far?” His response was, “It’s good.” I think many people would agree. Me …. I’m still workin’ on that separation thing. But, I’m tryin’.

Eric ~ Memory Loss

Poor baby has lost his memory. Not entirely though, he does remember seeing people in a circle, a woman who was someone, but not with strange eyes who chanted and took everything that he was from him. Sookie took pity on him when she spotted him wandering shirtless down the side of the road. What girl wouldn’t have done the same? Eric, who somehow lost his shirt between the coven meeting and the road, all vulnerable and polite – how many chances are you gonna have to experience that Eric? She’s allowing him to hide out in her house, which he eventually learns he owns. Pam tells Sookie she must keep Eric hidden, no one must know he’s there. She believes Bill sent him to the coven with the intent of getting rid of Eric. Best bit: Eric gets embarrassed by a premature fang pop. Too funny!

Jason ~ Loss of Will

Jason, Jason, Jason … this boy never fails to end up in the worst situations. Not only did Crystal chow down on him in order to turn him into a panther who can breed with her, but they’ve got a line of Hotshot twat lined up for him to impregnate as well. Dose him with some Mexican Viagra and he’s up for the task, like it or not.

Sheriff Andy ~ Loss of Control

Andy’s V addiction causes him to lash out at Sam. He can’t get a hold of Jason and has zero willpower when it comes to V. He’s gotten his hands on another bottle (last episode) and can’t stop dippin’. Who knows what Andy will do next.

Tara ~ Loss of Peace

Tara returned to Bon Temps all peace, love and happiness after spending time away in New Orleans with her girlfriend. She’d only been back in town for 2 hours when Eric tried to take a bite (last episode). She’s had it with this crazy town. But, she hangs around anyway, mainly because she’s worried about what Lafayette will do. Lafayette is convinced that Eric will come after him after spotting him in the coven meeting. He’s terrified and heads to Fangtasia to beg his forgiveness. Only, he doesn’t know that Eric doesn’t remember. Tara blasts into Fangtasic with a wooden bullet loaded gun demanding Pam let Lafayette go.

Bill ~ No Love Loss

Portia Bellefleur boldly tells Bill that since he’s the most powerful vampire in town and she’s, well, Portia, they should think about adding sex into their relationship. Whoa is me Bill, with his heart which too old to love, tells her that he cannot love her, but he’s fine with the idea of becoming friends with benefits.

Jessica and Hoyt ~ Short-Term Memory Loss

Jessica chats with Bill about her snack over at Fangtasia (last episode). Bill tells her it would be best if Hoyt heard it from her instead of someone else. So, she gathers up her nerve, heads home and tells Hoyt she fed on someone else. He can’t stand that “when he kisses her it’ll be someone else’s blood he’ll taste.” He grabs the car keys in an attempt to leave, but she puts the vamp whammy on him making him forget what she said, telling him she loves him and only him. He’s all smiles and hugs … until he finds out the truth – probably from someone else. And … what is up with the busted up zombie baby doll? It was seen first in a room in Hoyt & Jessica’s new house.

This episode Hoyt asks Jessica what’s up with the doll. Supposedly, he’s tossed in the trash and she’s tossed it in the river. But, it’s back again. Freeeeaky! Jessica thinks she’s finally gotten rid of by giving the doll to Baby Mickey as a gift. No doubt that freaky doll will make another appearance.

Sam and Tommy ~ Loss of Respect

Tommy answers the door when a prospector comes callin’ at Ms. Fortenberry’s house about natural gas. He finds out that she’s sittin’ on a goldmine. Tommy heads to Merlotte’s to tell Sam what he found out. He wants them to buy her house and land, then split the money earned. Sam is appalled at Tommy after what Ms. Fortenberry has done for him and demands either Tommy tells her or he will. Of course, the meeting ends with Tommy yelling how much he hates Sam. Guess their broship won’t be gettin’ repaired as quickly as they’d hoped.

Debbie ~ Loss of Bad Girl Britches

Sookie went to Alcide’s place to ask for help “caring for Eric”. (Guess she didn’t take Pam’s warning about Eric’s safety too seriously. Or felt like Alcide would just know to keep that bit of news to himself.) While there Debbie pops in all Suzie Homemaker with a tray of snacks. She tells Sookie how sorry she is for what she did to her, asks her forgiveness, telling her she’s clean and sober. I didn’t like Debbie in the books, I didn’t like V’d out Debbie screamin’ about poor ‘ole Cooter. But, I definitely don’t like Martha Stewartish Debbie any better. Snore. Move on, Alcide! Girl’s trouble no matter what form she takes.

Sookie ~ Loss of Fairy Godmother

Yep! Claudine is no more. She stopped by Sookie’s place ordering her to leave with her immediately. Sookie basically told her to beat it. Before she could argue or leave, Eric zips over and sucks the poor fairy dry. Good to the last drop, apparently. Sookie exclaims, “You killed my fairy godmother!”

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