Recap: True Blood ~ S4, Ep2 “You Smell Like Dinner”

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“You Smell Like Dinner” had some great one liners!
And, ended with Amnesia Eric!

I wouldn’t say that episode two was fantastic. But, it definitely managed to reignite some of my excitement which was turned to a pile of ash by the premiere. Here’s hoping that wasn’t a fluke.

When the episode begins, Sookie’s none too pleased with Eric’s plan to “own her” by buying her house while she was off flittin’ with the fairies. Eric tells her the power she held over him (and his entrance into her house) is over. When she asks what he wants from her, his response, “Everything.” sums it up. He tells her that her blood tastes like freedom, “like sunshine, in a pretty, blond bottle.” He’s offering her protection from others when they find out about her fairy heritage. He bought the house to protect her, he could take her blood whenever he wanted, but he’s asking her to be his. *melt* Sookie, being as stubborn as she is, tells him she can never be with Eric the way she was with Bill. Oh, you silly, silly girl. He says he knows her …

“There are two Sookie Stackhouses. One clings to the idea that she’s merely human and the other who’s coming to grips with the fact that you are better than that.

Sookie asks, “And what do you think is gonna happen when I do come to grips with it? Do you think my legs are just gonna magically open for you?”

“Well, that was saucy. Must’ve been fairy Sookie talking. I like when she comes out.”

“And, I’m already sorry I said it.”

“Don’t be. The more you let her speak for you, the more likely you are to go on living. And, you want to live don’t you?”

No answer.

“Well, then, I hope to hear from you girls soon.”

Sookie runs to King Bill’s to see if there’s anything he can do to help get her house back. Even as King, Bill knows “Eric has friends in high places” and the chances of him relinquishing the house are slim to none. She’s not very happy that the new King isn’t able to help her out. But, then Sookie always expects Bill to come to her rescue. Will that ever change?

When Bill is no help, she heads to Fangtasia to talk to Eric. He’s not there when she arrives, so she decides to hang around and wait for him to return. When Pam tells Sookie that Eric cares for her in his own way. Sookie says she doesn’t care.

Sookie: “I will never be Eric Northman’s puppet.”
Pam: “Shame for you, then. He pulls good string.”

The Making of a King

Surprised to see Bill was King of Louisiana? Me too! Through several flashbacks, we find out that punk-rocker Bill was approached in 1982 London by Nan Flanagan. She’s noticed that Bill doesn’t kill his food and tells him he they are preparing for the day when vampires go public with their existence. She wants him to spy and infiltrate the monarchies. We assume he agreed to help her because in the next flashback we see Bill fighting Queen Sophie-Ann. Instead of having his ass handed to him, she gets shot up with wooden bullets by Nan’s black leather brigade of soldiers who were hiding in the wings to help Bill win. Since Bill has done as she’s asked and the Queen is dead, Bill is now the King of Louisiana.

Cat Scratch Fever

Oh, Jason. Poor baby just can’t win. Last week, while delivering food to the wildlings in Hot Shot, he found himself locked inside a freezer. This week, he wakes up chained to a mattress with Timbo licking his head wound.

“It’s not that I don’t appreciate all of the lickin’. ‘Cause I do. But I’m more of a Band-Aid kinda guy.”

He’s so happy to see Crystal, until she tells him that she and Felton are there to make a baby. Jason is confused by the point of having Felton there, since he won’t be participating in the lovin’. Crystal laughs it off saying that in order to ensure they have a panther, they have to turn him first. Strapped down and helpless, Jason finds himself becoming a meal for the two panthers.

Lookin’ For Love

Sam is attracted to Luna, the sexy shifter who’s a teacher by day. He tells her it’s okay to open up with him. She’s a bit reluctant at first, but eventually tells the group that she’s 1/2 Mexican 1/2 Cherokee. Her mom died while giving birth to her. Her dad believed that skinwalkers were evil witches who could take the form of any animal. ANY animal, meaning humans too. She took the form of her mother. The group is understandably shocked by this, but you can tell Sam feels sorry for the girl who lost her mother and happy she’s decided to share with the group.

Tommy sneaks up on the meeting and wants back in Sam’s life. He doesn’t hide the fact that his leg is in fact fine. Sam tells him that they don’t trust each other. But, Tommy wants his brother back, so they agree to try and distrust each other a little less each day.

The Honeymoon is Over

Jessica and Hoyt are stopped by protesters when trying to leave Fangtasia. Hoyt gets into a fight with one of the protesters. And, when one of them calls Jessica a vamp whore, she flashes some fang and dares him to say it again.

Pam is there to keep Jessica from doing anything the vamps will regret and tells them to head home.

Let these good people practice their constitutional right to be fucking idiots.

When Jessica wakes up the following evening, she offers Hoyt some of her blood to heal his injuries. He says he doesn’t want any, she gets offended. He tries to reassure her by saying he’s seen a lot of people get messed up from too much vampire blood. She’s not buying it. She takes the truck and instead of heading to the store as she said, she turns right and heads to Fangtasia. There she finds the cutie fangbanger from episode one and takes him to the bathroom for a snack. When she’s busted by Sookie, she tells Sookie she didn’t like her acting like her step-mother when she was with Bill and she likes it even less now.

“I can eat who I want!”

Do you think it’s cheating to “eat” others? I’m sure Hoyt will! But, we have to remember, Jessica is only 17 and already in a committed relationship. Can’t be easy.

Warning: Necromancers in Bon Temps

Jesus and Lafayette are heading out to another meeting when Tara shows up. She’s come back to Bon Temps to see Sookie. She agrees to go along with them to the meeting.

Lafayette: “We got a thing.”
Tara: “A gay thing?”
Lafayette: “A Wiccan thing.”

The wiccans are thrilled by what they were able to accomplish in their last meeting. Now they want to raise a human. Lafayette and Tara want nothing to do with it.

Bill’s spy tells him that the coven was able to raise a bird from the dead. This frightens Bill because “if they can control the dead, they can control vampires.” He orders Eric to take care of it.

When Eric pops into the meeting to demand they disband, Marnie goes into one of her trances and starts chanting in Latin. She tells everyone to join hands. Initially, Lafayette doesn’t want to take part, but he’s scared to death of Eric, so he gives in and WAM! Chant + Lafayette in circle = Amnesia Eric

True has tried to translate the chant and here’s what they found:

Jam tibi impero et præcipio maligne spiritus! ut confestim allata et circulo discedas, absque omni strepito, terrore, clamore et foetore, asque sine omni damno mei tam animæ quam corporis.

Translation: Evil spirits, I command you to depart the circle immediately, without sound or fear or foulness, and without damage to either my soul or body.

A dazed and confused Eric zips out of the shop. Marnie “wakes up” following her chant not remembering what happened. The next time we see Eric he’s wandering down the road, shirtless. Sookie pulls up in her car and tries to talk to him. He doesn’t recognize her at all. But, a nose knows.

“Why do you smell so good?”

Let the Good Times Roll!

I am excited to see how Ball and his TB clan handle the amnesia storyline. It’s a fan favorite from Dead to the World, book 4, by Charlaine Harris. That could prove to make it a storyline they stick to closely or they could choose to revamp (no pun intended) it altogether. Only time will tell.

Preview Clip for Ep 3 “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?”


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