Movie Review ~ “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night”

Isn’t it a bummer when you look forward to a movie and then it doesn’t live up to your expectations?

Especially when those expectations were formed based on a trailer? It feels like a lie. Movie makers make their films and then these amazing trailers come out to promote them. I’m not saying the trailer for Dylan Dog: Dead of Night was amazing, far from it. But, it did lead me to believe it would be funny and, at the very least, entertaining. While there were some SOL (snicker out loud) moments there were no LOL (laugh out loud) moments to be had. And, instead of being entertaining, it was disappointing.

Unfortunately, while I’m able to stop reading a book that just isn’t my cuppa, I’ve never quite been able to stop watching a movie I am not really enjoying. I don’t know why that is, maybe it’s because I keep thinking it’s bound to get better, so I keep watching. Or, maybe because I know it’ll be over in an hour or two and must know how it ends. Sadly, this movie did not get any better, in fact, it got worse, IMO. And, neither reason led me to continue watching, pure laziness did. It was late, hubby had fallen asleep about 30 minutes into the movie and I didn’t want to get up to turn it off.

There were two things I liked about this movie. The first was Marcus, played by Sam Huntington. The second was Taye Diggs, who played Vargus, head vampire. I enjoyed Sam’s character, Marcus who is Dylan’s plucky side-kick. He provides the only witty lines in the movie. I enjoyed Taye, the actor, not the character he played. Do you have to ask why? Dude is serious eye candy. And, were those really gold caps on his fangs?? Seriously? Come on.

Head Vamp, Vargus ~ Played by Taye Diggs

Disclaimer: I’ve never read any of the Dylan Dog comics. So, if this movie was an accurate portrayal and well-done comic to film, I wouldn’t know it.

Dylan is lazily moving through life working on random PI cases, mostly cheating spouses, when we first meet Marcus. Marcus is his Girl Friday basically. He’s looking to expand the cases they take on and wants to become a true partner. When Dylan receives a call from a damsel in distress he’s surprised and Marcus is thrilled – a real case in the rich part of town. They arrive at the home of the dead guy’s distraught (uh-huh) daughter, Elizabeth, played by Anita Briem. The police have been no help and a priest gave her a business card with Dylan’s number on one side and “No Pulse. No Problem.” on the other. As soon as Dylan sees the business card, he bolts, won’t tell Marcus why and that’s that.

Hunter, Elizabeth ~ Played by Anita Briem

Back at his office, we learn that Dylan’s fiance was killed because of his past dealings with the supernatural and he’s retired now. He’s devastated by her loss (uh-huh) and doesn’t want to get involved. But, where would be the story in that? So, he does. He returns to Elizabeth’s house in his “I’m Dylan Dog, bad ass human liaison between the supernatural and the humans suit (red shirt, black jacket)” and his old timer’s doctor bag ready to work the case.

Dylan ~ Played by Brandon Routh

From there things just go from bad to worse. As I mentioned, Marcus provides the comic relief and a reason to keep suffering through this disappointing film. He’s attacked and subsequently rises as a zombie. His adjustment to his new undead self is a riot. He even goes so far as to join a zombie support group.

Zombie, Marcus ~ Played by Sam Huntington

The beasties in this flick left much to be desired. It was obvious that the money for any grand special effects was saved for the biggest baddie at the end, which turned out to be semi-decent. The wolves were a mix between a well-done wolf-man and a bad Halloween costume.

There were times throughout the movie where I was yelling at Dylan’s ignorance. This dude, who has spent how ever many years dealing with the supernatural, missed a dozen clues along the way which pretty much provided a big “LOOK HERE, STUPID” sign with the answers he was seeking. There was no suspense. The romance (hardy-har-har) was awful; it felt like the two were strangers who were told, “When I say ‘action’, kiss. ACTION!”

When I watch the trailer, it makes me think of Constantine, but more lighthearted. Sadly, it wasn’t even close. Brandon Routh has never been one of my favorite actors, but this was just bad. I couldn’t tell if it was just bad directing or bad acting. Maybe he should stick to Superman in the future. I do hope to see more of Sam Huntington, who plays the were in the US version of Being Human, in films.

My Rating:

What’d you think of it? Good flick or “where can I get a refund”?

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