True Blood ~ Rewind and Remember

Alright, Blood fans, the premiere of Season 4 is almost here!

And, to get us ready, HBO has released a “True Blood in Under 5 Minutes” vid recapping the first 3 seasons.

There are also mini recaps for each of the main character’s cliffhanger from the last episode of S03

(Each mini-vid is about 25-30 seconds in length; click the links below to watch them @ YouTube)

Sookie heads off to fairyland
Bill takes on the Queen
☞ Sookie boohoos as she boots Bill out of her house and Eric sees it as his chance to have her to himself
☞ Crystal and Jason say their teary goodbyes; he says he’ll “do anything to find Crystal”
Sam and baby bro are in the woods; Sam’s tracked him down and “takes control of his future”
Tara‘s “done being a victim” and drives off
Lafayette learns Jesus is a witch; he’s not sure now if “all this darkness in his family” is a curse or not
☞ Hoyt and Jessica are in their new house when he pops the question

Don’t forget! Sunday, 26 June @ 9p


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