Countdown to True Blood ~ TBWithdrawal: Makes waiting suck a lot less

Are you suffering from True Blood Withdrawal?
There’s help available.

HBO has released the first 8 minutes of episode one. If you’d like something a little more clippy and less spoilery, want to save those first 8 minutes for Sunday, then here‘s a clip you’ll enjoy.

Would you like to know what those first 8 minutes have in store without actually watching it? I’ll give ya a hint:

You'll feel a sense of deja vu

TBWithdrawal: Makes Waiting Suck A Lot Less

HBO has started their True Blood withdrawal campaign because “True Blood addiction is no laughing matter. It’s the leading cause of television-related withdrawal in America today.”

Just check out one of these spots and share the pain:

: Twitter #TBWithdrawal

: HBO Connect (AKA:

Here are my two favorite clips from past seasons. ENJOY!

Who could forget, in Season 2, when Eric, all foiled up, loses his cool over a little blood splatter? 😉

Or the amazing booty shot in Season 3 where he questions Bill’s stamina? 😉

Season 4 of True Blood starts Sunday, 26 June

Join us here @ Random musings each week for a recap of the latest episode; share your favorite (or not so favorite … remember MaryAnn? BOMB!) moments with us! See ya then!


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