J.K. Rowling Fans Squeeeeeee ~ “The Owls are Gathering” & New Clip for HP7 Pt 2


You have to hand it to J.K. Rowling! She certainly knows how to get her fans squeeeeein’. She’s announced, “The Owls are Gathering”, for what, we do not yet know. If you visit Pottermore.com, you’ll see a pretty pink site with owls perched on each side of the page. Click on either of the owls and it takes you to her YouTube countdown page, which at my last viewing was counting down from 3 days 11 hours 25 minutes and 20 seconds.

Countdown to what? That is the big question that has everyone speculating on Rowling’s newest project. While searching for different thoughts on the project, you’re sure to find yourself over at Clube do Slugue and/or the Harry Potter Forum where, for years apparently, they have been trying to guess what Pottermore is all about – online role-playing game? fan site? HP encyclopedia? No one knows for sure. You can subscribe to the YouTube announcement page and follow @Pottermore on Twitter for more official updates. From what I can tell, her official website offers no hints (but it is a fun, interactive site).

A book or not a book? Well, Rowling’s PR company Stonehill Salt told the Guardian on 16 June that the new project was not a new book. “All we can say is that Pottermore is the name of JK Rowling’s new project. It will be announced soon, and it is not a new book,” said a spokesperson. However, many may remember Rowling’s interview with Oprah in 2010 when she said “[The characters] are all still in my head. I mean, I could write. I could definitely write an eight, ninth, 10th. I could, easily.”

On a side-note: I saw that interview and was touched by Rowling’s past, her reasons for writing Harry’s story and very much enjoyed seeing deeper inside the amazing woman behind the series. If you missed, you should pop over to Oprah’s site and read the transcript.

Whatever Pottermore turns out to be, seems we’ll all find out together in … 3 days and counting.
What’s your guess??

In the meantime …

This past week another clip, said to be the final one (we’ll see) until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 premieres on 17 July, hit the web. This one is quite wicked. And, it seems Harry sees dead people.

I haven’t finished reading the books, so I’m excited to find out how it all ends. Those that have read the books and watched the movies, how well do you think the films portrayed the story? Well done? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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