The Event -2nd Season Mini-Series?

Were you one of the few remaining viewers still watching The Event when it ended? I was, though I’ll admit it was partly for the eye candy (Ian Anthony Dale as alien hottie, Simon Lee -yum) and the deep vocal tones of Blair Underwood (President Elias Martinez -a better name than our current President’s). Oh, okay, I enjoyed the political conspiracy and the alien goings on, as well.

The Event lost most of its viewers due to repetition in each episode, seeing the same events from multiple points of view and the constant flashbacks into the past, all of which made for a slow pace and a bored audience who switched off in their thousands. This led to a hiatus and a subsequent re-jig and re-boot of the series which turned out to be far more exciting than its previous episodes. Unfortunately for the show, the improvements came too late and it was cancelled.

Now, there are rumours that Syfy are in talks to pick up the NBC thriller and turn it into a mini-series for a second season. If SyFy succeeds in doing so and the cast agree to return, will anyone bother to switch on and watch it?


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