ZAM: They Are Coming. Are you Ready?

Now is the time to prepare! Are you ready for a zombie apocalypse? If not, here are some tools that’ll hopefully help you to survive.

Trompwn has created this worksheet that may help you when putting together your essentials.

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Dave had to sit this week out. When I asked him how to prepare, he, of course, came up with ways that would make it easier for him and his zombites to snack on ya. But, never fear, the WWW is a wondrous place, full of books, shoppes and sites that will help you put together your essentials.

The members at Videojug have put together this very informative video on How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse.

Before you begin your internet searches, double check the current threat level to determine how much time you have to prepare and let’s review the popular essentials you’ll be needing. 

#1: Gear up! There are many suggestions on the best gear to have on hand.  My ideal weapons would include a gun, preferably with distance capabilities, possibly a sniper rifle and an axe or machete.  Now, the problem with guns is that eventually, unless you’re an ammo hoarder, you are gonna run out of ammo.  So, that weapon would be used as needed to save ammo for when it’s most needed.

The Zombie Combat Club provides information on ideal weapons, as well as conditioning exercises to make sure you are tip-top shape should you have to fight.  Once you’re limbered up, check out their techniques for certain situations: long range, close quarters, multiple attackers, etc.

Bug-Out-Bag ~ (AKA: BOB) You’ll want to put your BOB together now.  Fill it with all the essentials: food, water tablets, temporary shelter, weapons, light (torch or glow sticks), shortwave radio, maps or GPS.

Kieran P, of Dunedin, NZ, has put together a shopping list on Amazon.  Zombie has put together some weapon reviews to help you when deciding which you’d like to have on-hand.  As well as suggested gear.

Things to remember: Ammo is not unlimited.  Gunshots may draw more zombies to your location.  Know how to shoot or there’s no need to bother having it in the first place.  Axes and other types of weapons can be used indefinitely.  They are also good for close kills and are noiseless.

Power will not last forever.  So, do not rely solely on items that require batteries or public power sources to operate.  Glow sticks and solar-powered items would be best.

#2: Cover up! Again, suggestions for attire abound.  My ideal would include tight fitting, layered clothing.  Tight fitting will ensure that your clothes will not snag on fences or be easy to hold onto should you come into close contact with zombies.  Layers are always a good idea.  You don’t know where you’ll find yourself running to and you’ll want to be sure to be able to stay warm or cool down, whenever needed.

#3: Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! As stated by Scientific American, the amount of time a person can survive without food depends on many factors.  However, they state that without water, you could die anywhere from hours to one week.  So, it’s very important that you have water sources available.  If you find yourself running out of bottled or tap water, make sure you have water tablets in your BOB to use.

#4: Hold up!  Have you thought about where you’ll be heading?  Will you stay in your area?  If not, be sure to pack maps or a GPS to help you find your way.  You never know if roads will be closed, areas will be destroyed.  Have a back up plan!  Make sure it’s somewhere you can put up a good defense, have access to food and water, stay as long as needed until rescue comes for you.  Zombie has done the research for you.  Check out all the pros and cons for locations you may be considering as your stronghold.

This “Safe House” is designed by polish architectural firm KWK promes. It’s a concrete structure with multiple collapsible panels and roll top doors. The courtyard also has a retractable fence.  If we were all so lucky!

#5: Stick with Me! Will you be a leader or a follower? No matter which answer you chose, you’ll probably be wanting to find a friend or two. Remember, common sense is mandatory. So, if you’re BFF is fun, but more book smart than street smart, you need to make a hard choice. But, their book smarts may come in handy, if they have MacGyver-like skills/knowledge.

Artwork by Velvet Moonlight @ DeviantArt

This survival kit list suggests having “friends that are clumsy as they will give you more time to get away”.  That is certainly an option.  But, probably not one I’d follow.  I would probably feel bad for them and end up getting attacked myself while trying to save them.

#6: Let’s Get Movin’! Will you rely on a car or truck?  What if the apocalypse lasts longer than gasoline?  We’ve seen many different types of transport in the movies – beefed up buses, armored cars and trucks, motorcycles and lastly, on foot.

I am leaning towards motorcycle as my transport of choice.  It will take less gasoline and I’d be able to maneuver around tight spaces.  Once the gasoline ran out, if it did, I’d have to resort to traveling on foot.

Last, but not least, here are some books you can check out that will help you to prepare:

The Zombie Survival Guide  Complete Protection From the Living DeadThe Zombie Survival Guide  Recorded AttacksGrey Dogs  Zombie SurvivalThe Zombie Survival GuideDr Dale's Zombie Dictionary  The A-Z Guide to Staying AliveThe Zombie Survival Guide  Tongue-in-Cheek, Survivalism, Zombie, Max Brooks, Roanoke Island, Crowbar

Be sure to join us here again tomorrow as Ames and I discuss how to Know Thy Enemy. You don’t want to end up food!


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