Weekly Overview (May 15th)

In the last week…

ZAM saw:

Zombies @ the Movies which introduced the topic for the week.

All Hail the Godfather! all about George A. Romero, the man who’s made the most zombie movies.

Wishing Well Wednesday saw Steph wishing to see Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Top grossing zombie movies are discussed in Braaaaains Bring in the Bucks

Our favourite zombie TV show, The Walking Dead is discussed in all it’s gruesome glory

We see a sample of the stranger zombie movies around in this week’s Freaky Friday which also happened to be Friday 13th. Did you know there was a phobia of that particular day? Or that there’s a new blood-scented perfume?

We also had a list of the most recent urban fantasy cover reveals as well as a review of Firelight by Sophie Jordan, the first in a trilogy.

What’s coming up…

ZAM Week 3: Survival of the Fittest

We’ll be discussing:
– whether a zombie holocaust is really possible
– the tools you’d need to survive such a situation and how you’ll do it

You’ll also be able to test the knowledge you’ve learned in quizzes and practise your zombie killing skills in games.

And much more!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you next week!

~May is ‘Zombie Awareness Month’ (ZAM)~


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