ZAM: ‘The Walking Dead’ Returns to AMC

I’m so excited to talk about AMC’s tv series ‘The Walking Dead‘ . Why? Well, if you have to ask, you haven’t seen it. And, really, humans, if you have any hope of surviving the coming zombie apocalypse, you have no excuse for not watching it. I’m just sayin’ … take your chances, if you will.

Where ya think you're goin'?

AMC chose Halloween 2010 to premiere it’s new TV series ‘The Walking Dead’. Initially, Steph & I thought it was reminiscent of ’28 Days Later’ when Rick wakes up in a hospital bed and it’s obvious he’s been there a while. But, the show quickly proved it was going to be much more than a copy-cat. The first episode “Days Gone Bye” received 5.3 million viewers, making it the most-watched premiere episode of any AMC television series. The first season was short, but sweet with only six episodes. Thankfully, they are planning for thirteen episodes in the second season, which is due to start in October 2011. There are rumors that the second season will premiere earlier, in June or July perhaps, but that has yet to be confirmed.

The Cast

The cast was well-chosen. Some of my friends were spotlighted, as well.

Moaning Mary

Moaning Mary here was a good friend of mine. She tended to slow me down quite a bit though. We were all a bit sad when Rick shot her, putting an end to her undead life. Did you notice how he felt bad for her too? Some of these friends of mine need to take better care of themselves. How do they expect to get a hold of y’all if they lose a leg (or two)? AMC has done a good job of breaking down the who’s who for you, in case you’ve forgotten.

The finale left everyone running, just the way we like it! I wasn’t happy at all when Dr. Jenner, with the CDC, showed everyone the MRI of how we reanimate.

MRI Virtual Camera

That is not knowledge we want getting out. In fact, I shouldn’t even be sharing it with you. Just forget I mentioned it. Silly little humans thought they’d found the promised land when Jenner let them into the lab facility. Little did they know he’d gone a bit off his rocker, as y’all weak runners tend to do and thought it best if everyone just hang out with him and KABOOM! Though at first he tries to convince them to stay, Jenner agrees to let Rick and the others flee when the self-destruct is activated. Jacqui, terrified of ending up like Amy or Jim, opts to stay behind. After a fiery explosion, Rick and his fellow survivors caravan away from the smoldering rubble, destination unknown.

Where do you think they’ll go next? Will Rick find out that his BFF was doing a bit more than “lookin’ after” his family while he was laid up in a hospital bed? Will they find Missing-Hand-Merle or did we get a hold of ‘im first? You’ll have to watch season two and see! Don’t forget to check your local listings for the return of ‘The Walking Dead’ this fall!

And, stay with us here at Random Musings as we continue to celebrate Zombie Awareness Month! You won’t regret it!

From your friendly neighbourhood zombie, Shamblin’ Dave


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