May is Zombie Awareness Month!

Hello there, tasty morsels! Shamblin’ Dave, here. I’ll be your undead guide to all things not quite alive (but still kicking) this Zombie Awareness Month. What, you didn’t know May was Zombie Awareness Month? Shame on you, but don’t worry we’re going to educate you. Soon you’ll know more about zombies than the rotting corpses themselves.

You may be wondering why I’m here and not Steph or Ames. Well, I was out hunting to satisfy my craving for braaains when I spotted the unblemished flesh of those lovely ladies. I took off after them but sadly, my right leg came loose and they got away. Scaring them was wrong, I felt bad about that. I wasn’t always this way so I offered to help them with this little project of theirs as a sort of apology for my rudeness.

Here’s what they have planned for the month of May to celebrate the Zombie:

May 2: What is a “Zombie”?: The Zombie Perspective

Week 1 May 2–8: Bumbling Books ~ new releases, popular books etc.
Week 2 May 9–15: Shambling on Screen ~ TV shows and movies
Week 3 May 16–22: Survival: What to pack, games and quizzes
Week 4 May 23-29: Zombies Need Love Too ~ zombie romance and all that entails

To close, on May 31st there will be a full round-up of the month’s activities.

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