New Car Smell? Ok, but Book Smell!?

Julia Rubin with Styleite talks about a rumor that Karl Lagerfeld is possibly coming up with a new fragrance …. that smells like books. They state

❝Rumor has it Karl Lagerfeld is coming out with a fragrance — a fragrance that smells like books…! Lagerfeld has teamed up with Steidl (the company that publishes his photography books) and German perfumer Geza Schön for the scent, which is called Paper Passion.

We’ve seen pictures of Lagerfeld’s impressive library (he allegedly owns over 300,000 books, by the way), so we’re confident he could do a book-scented perfume justice. And just to make things super fancy, “the fragrance will be sold encased within a hardcover book entitled Paper Passion.” This is certainly the perfect project for the Kaiser, who owns a Parisian publishing house and bookstore (and who is planning to open another stateside in the near future!).❞

Now, I can understand people looking to replace their new car smell. And, I love books, but do I want to smell like a book? And, what does a book smell like anyway? How would you bottle that? Would you buy such a fragrance? I think I’d rather spend my money on actual books vs. bottled book smell.


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